Friday, August 25, 2017

Quick Archivist Note!

Hi and welcome to the Nocturne Alchemy and VApothecary Limited Collection notes and reviews site! I know that currently the site looks a little generic, as I just picked out a basic template, but I will get it looking a little more spiffy as time permits. So forgive the first appearance! I will probably be changing the formatting as I think of things that might be helpful for everyone to have available when looking for information and reviews. I'll be adding tags and labels for every collection, and the dates it was available, as I can find. Some LCs were originally released, obviously, before I started this, and so the best source for that is Laura's amazing LiveJournal, Salixnoir. I'll be pulling the dates from that and her NAVA Wikia when there are Resurgence, so that things are a little cohesive.
As I am still an on again, off again, fan reviewer as well, if I have reviewed perfumes or collections as a whole, I'll be posting the link to my reviews on the bottom of each collection entry, rather than inserting them into these notes, because I tend to get a little too wordy.
For right now, if you haven't submitted a review to the NA website (which I need to put a link to in my sidebar, so that's forthcoming as well, as well as a link to Laura's journal and the Wikia, as those might prove helpful), and you'd like to, or if you have a review that you'd like to have posted and the LC collection has come down, you can always comment on the post that your review pertains to. So if you have a review for one of the Dinos, you can leave a comment on the Prehistoria entry! I'll eventually need to add an email form to the site too so you have another alternative for submitting reviews.
And if you have any requests as far as formatting, things you'd like to see here, I'm very open to suggestions!  I just thought of another helpful page, I can set up one for nicknames and acronyms, as that might be something people want to contribute to as well.
This page is associated with my blog/review site, I am not paid to maintain it, I simply do this as a fan, and with the blessings of the NAVA crew.

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