Thursday, July 23, 2020

Archivist Note: Pages!

Hello, good people of the page! It was requested by a friend of mine and fellow member of the Nocturne Alchemy Tent that it might be handy to have a complete list of the Dino/Prehistoria collection all in one place, and since I have the notes, and the menu bar of anchored pages, I decided to do the Complete Pumpkin Library 31, all of the Eternal Ankh Colors, and the Eternal Egypt Anniversary collection, which celebrated 13 years of their iconic and well loved perfume Eternal Egypt.  Originally the anchored pages were on a menu bar right below the Archives title, but because we have a longer list now, I have moved the Menu off to the right sidebar, just below the Welcome note, with the title "Pages".  Hopefully this is a handy idea. If there are other LC sub-collections you'd like to see all on one page, please let me know!
Edit: The Eternal Egypt Anniversary complete collection is posted!