SQUIRREL - This is a little surprise reveal about an upcoming collection that the NA Staff will sometimes show us.

PC - Permanent Collection. These scents are available year round (unless, of course, there becomes a problem with sourcing a particular note, as can happen from time to time).

LC - Limited Collection. These are usually available for 2 months only. They are often designed around the seasons, and often have themes.

SL - Studio Limited. This is a part of the PC, but due to some components being a little harder to source than PC perfumes, they go under the umbrella of limited.

NAVAlloween, NAVAliday, NAlloween, NAliday - "Nocturne Alchemy" Halloween, or "Nocturne Alchemy" Holiday. These are the affectionate terms for the two fan favorite collections for Halloween and the Holidays.

NAVA, NA - Nocturne Alchemy and VApothecary, now under one house as Nocturne Alchemy.

THE TENT, THE MARKETPLACE - The House of NA Tent and the House of NA Marketplace are two NA associated Facebook groups, run by fans Erica, Samantha, and Jennifer. The Tent is for discussion of NA collections and perfumes, and the Marketplace serves as the secondary market, for swapping and selling NA perfumes.


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