Nocturne Alchemy is quite well known for their many types of vanillas, there's something for any taste! Thanks to Erica, one of the lovely moderators of the Tent, the fan Facebook group, we have a brief rundown of some of the more popular ones.

Crystal: softly deep vanilla with clean white musk

Crystalline: golden glowing vanilla bean (most popular)

Moonstone: whipped fluffy vanilla (the vanilla from Eternal Ankh if you love that)

Kobalt: vanilla orchid (accent of dark floral, least foody variety)

Pyramid Vanille: blend of Crystal, Crystalline, Moonstone, and Kobalt (morphs gorgeously diffusing qualities from all four as it wears on the skin)

French Vanilla: creamy, aged in coconut barrels, hint of coconut woods

Tahitian Vanilla: rich golden butterscotch (most foody variety)

Ember Vanilla: From a distance it is simply smooth, lovely, warm. Its subtle complexities are the secret to the addictive nature. A tendril of woody incense, a whisper of SL Diamond redwood. And even the vanilla blend itself is carefully assembled, I sense golden Crystalline and a touch of Kobalt vanilla orchid and I'm sure there's more.

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