Thursday, March 19, 2020

Valentine 2020

V2020: Egyptian Narcissus Flower, Narcissus Extract Nepal, Bastet’s Amber Absolute, Bastet’s Musk Absolute and Eternal Ankh essence

Bastet’s Amber Coloured Bottle Collection

Bastet’s Amber Blue: Blueberry Skin, Blue Sugar, Blue Musk, Blue Patchouli accord, Blue Chamomile Absolute and Bastet’s Amber Absolute; Alexandria Amber Resin, Guiacwood, Crystal Benzoin and Crystal Frankincense.
Bastet’s Amber Passion: Australian Passion fruit Skin and essence, Green Apple Skin, sweet Pear and Bastet’s Amber Absolute; Alexandria Amber Resin, Guaiac wood, Crystal Benzoin and Crystal Frankincense.
Bastet’s Amber Raspberry: Raspberry Seed, Raspberry accord, Blue Tagette, Raspberry essence and Bastet’s Amber Absolute; Alexandria Amber Resin, Guiacwood, Crystal Benzoin and Crystal Frankincense.

Eternal Ankh Colors

Eternal Ankh Black (EA Black in the dropdown): White Amber, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, African White Vanilla, Black Agarwood, NA Oudh essence and Black Patchouli Absolute

For Australia

Koala Joey: Australian Sandalwood, Mango Skin, Crystalline, Bastet’s Ice Cream essence, Tonka Bean, Indian Sandalwood, Hawaiian Sandalwood

Koala OZ: Australian Pistachio, Almond essence, Bastet’s Amber, Bastet’s Musk, Bastet’s Ice Cream, Crystalline essence, Blue Tansy, Australian Honey Teak wood and a drop of Australian Eucalyptus.  *Eucalyptus can be smelled in the bottle and the first few minutes on the skin but will dissipate quickly releasing the gorgeous pistachio and vanilla notes on the skin.

Koala Blue Australian Tonka Bean, Amber accord, Rosewood, Crystalline Absolute, Australian Vanilla Bean, Daintree Forest Vanilla Bean

Ammonite Collection One 
Perfumes conceptualized by Seth Kincaid and each blend with the collaboration of one or more House of NA Perfumer(s).  Please note naturally occurring resin solids used to create NA Limestone Amber will age beautifully into the perfume.

Ammonite I: NA Limestone Amber infused with Santalum White Absolute, Santalum, Crimson Absolute, Muguet, Heliotrope and White Patchouli.  Perfume created by Thoth and Seth Kincaid

Ammonite II: NA Limestone Amber infused with Vanilla Cake accord, Kobalt Absolute, eNVie saphir Absolut.  Perfume created by Jacek, Ryan and Seth Kincaid

Ammonite III:
NA Limestone Amber infused with White Lilac, Aloe, Aloeswood, Bergamot, Tuberose, Oakmoss, Black Vanilla essence and Bastet Amber.  Perfume created by Freja, Heath and Seth Kincaid

Ammonite IV: NA Limestone Amber infused with Eternal Ankh Absolute, Crystal Musk, Crystalline and a touch of Bastet’s Musk.  Perfume created by Bastet and Seth Kincaid

Ammonite V: NA Limestone Amber infused with Musk, Cassis, Lily, White Patchouli leaf, White Cedar and White Sandalwood essence.  Perfume created by Ian Gray and Seth Kincaid

Winter Bees
Fig Honey Bee: Orange Blossom Honey accord (new creamy honey accord completely separate from our Black Honey accord), Black Fig, Greek Fig skin and a tiny drop of Nutmeg essential oil

Violet Honey Bee: Orange Blossom Honey accord (new creamy honey accord completely separate from our Black Honey accord), Violet Leaf, Iris and Violet Musk

Dream Blends in special coloured bottles Limited to 75 each with black lid and insert dropper.  Dream Perfume by Nocturne Alchemy in gorgeous coloured bottles. Not for sleep only but also to assist in achieving the goals you place upon your path. We are but what we dream and what we interpret upon our waking hours. Never allow someone else to tell you what you cannot do, instead, use that to make yourself stronger and do the things you can. You have nothing to prove to anyone. -Bastet

Dream Time: Italian Lavender, French Lavender, California Sweetgrass, California Cedarwood, Ginger absolute, Cardamom absolute, Hinoki Wood, California White Sage and eNVie parfum saphir absolut *Pearl bottle*

Dream Walking:
Essential Oils of Italian Lavender, Australian Peppermint and Ginger, Grapefruit skin and essence, eNVie parfum – saphir absolut *Charcoal bottle*  Please note the Australian Peppermint oil in the blend will have a cooling effect on the skin.  It is a wonderful summer scent to stay cool on the wrists.

Egyptian Soul blends

Ba: White Chocolate accord, Marshmallow accord, Vanilla Bean, Indian Sandalwood, Black Musk, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Smoked Wood and Smoked Cacao bean essence

Ib: Blood Orange zest, Cherry Skin, Pomegranate seed, Green Cardamom, Papyrus Oil, Egyptian Musk, Kashmir Absolute and Cocoa dust

Ka: Orange zest, Coconut, Raspberry seed, Peach skin, Muguet, Crystalline Absolute, Bastet Amber, Crème Fraiche accord, Lemon zest, Buttercream accord, Powdered sugar accord and a drop of aged French Vanilla in oak cask

Ren: Madagascar Vanilla, Almond essence, White Cake accord, Crimson Musk Absolute and Blue Bastet’s Amber

Sheut: Buttercream accord, Vanilla Cookie accord, Santalum White Absolute and Rice Milk accord

Winter Perfumes created by eNVie Parfum

His Black Feather Wings: Black Currant Skin, Concord Grape Skin, NA Shiraz Incense accord, Violet, NA Nag Champa Incense, Black Patchouli and eNVie parfum saphir absolut

Under the Ivy: Ivy Accord, Honeysuckle Extract, Lilac, eNVie parfume saphir absolut and White Rose Petals

Whispering Your Love Song:  Water Lotus, Fresh Tulip accord, eNVie parfum saphir absolut, Pink Sugar, Pink Lotus and Bastet’s Amber Absoute

Limited Canopic Bottles in cylindrical 6ml clear glass bottle and gold-domed lid now with insert dropper Limited to 50 bottles each. Natural resins may separate with age, it is perfectly fine to shake back into the blend.

CANOPIC Duamutef: Egyptian Cardamom, Santalum Absolute, Incense accord, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Kola root extract, Egyptian Frankincense Resin

CANOPIC Imsety: Egyptian Black Rose Absolute, Rose of Castile, Egyptian Myrrh Resin, Kashmir Absolute, Labdanum, Benzoin, Egyptian Black Vanilla and Myrrh Absolute

CANOPIC Hapy: Sweet Myrrh, Spiced Cakes, Aged Amber accord, Vanilla Bean, Cacao absolute, Copal Resin, Elemi and Palo Santo

CANOPIC Qebehsenuef: Egyptian Musk, Charred Sandalwood, White Musk, Bastet’s Amber, Charred Benzoin resin, charred Mahogany offering wood and Papyrus Root


A Mon Seul Desir: Evoking an English perfumed Garden just as spring arrives.  Violet, White Lilac, Gardenia, Sandalwood essence, Dew accord, Muguet, Jasmine, Hyacinth, SL Crimson and Bastet’s Musk Absolute

Anubis: Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, Burning Wood, Incense, Suede*, Kashmir , Amber and NA Oudh.  *vegan accord  Made with 100% sustainable OudhCreated by the House of NA using perfumers from both eNVie parfum & Nocturne Alchemy with the most exquisite ingredients with a bottle created exclusively for the House of NA.
Limited to 25 exclusive blue crystal 6ml bottles with crystal lid and glass wand.  From the new collection of OUDH ICONIC.  Housed in a white satin bed within the blue House of NA box.  Strictly limited to 25 bottles.  Our sustainable Oudh is very exclusive and limited for this NA collection.  More Egyptian Deities to follow as we move forward.

Valentine Body Butter SET (or purchase individual butters and colored bottle perfume)

Valentine Body Butter and Special Edition Bottle SET (individual butters and special edition bottles also available separately) - highly limited quantity due to labor intensive preparations and exquisite materials. Made with love! We are thrilled to offer our indulgent Valentine Body Butter gift SET, featuring a 2 oz body butter AND a matching 14ml special large sized colored bottle. Available in two beloved Studio Limited perfume scents: Santalum or Bourbon Vanille. Made in small batches and limited to 1 SET of each scent per customer (total of 2 different SETS per customer). Quantities are limited, as we have sourced specialty glass jars and bottles for this offering.*see photos

Individually, the Valentine Body Butter and 14 ml special edition perfumes may also be purchased separately (also with a small quantity available, and one of each per customer). Our drop down menu lists 6 options. Purchase either as a gift SET at an overall discount of $10, or select individual items to enjoy. Warmest NAlentine wishes from us to you! Santalum and Bourbon Vanille perfumes can be found at the Studio Limited Originals Collection.

Bourbon Vanille Body Butter ingredients: Pure Vanilla Essential Oil, Bourbon Vanille Essential Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Papaya Extract, Shea Butter, Water Cetearyl Alcohol, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Citrate, Green Tea Extract. 100% Organic Essential Oils

Santalum Body Butter ingredients: Pure Sandalwood Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Papaya Extract, Shea Butter, Water Cetearyl Alcohol, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Citrate, Green Tea Extract. 100% Organic Essential Oils

*Please note Bourbon Vanilla solids are part of pure Bourbon Vanille perfume and in cold weather will solidify slightly and appear cloudy, this is normal.  A little shake and warm roll in your palms (lid facing up), will blend the perfume perfectly.  The naturally occurring vanilla solids will age beautifully into the perfume.


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