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Thoth's Archive Volume VIII: Halloween in July '23

 Halloween Inspired

Pirate Rum - Bay Rum and a Chypre of Lavender, Chamomile, Pirate Ship Cedarwood, and Siberian Fir Needle with a touch of French Vanilla and Oak

Totem 31 - French Teak, Black Pumpkin accord (oudh and pumpkin), Spices of charred Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove, and a drop of Egyptian Musk

POE - Sandalwood and Elderberry, Pomegranate, and Guava with an undertone of Australian Sandalwood and Nag Champa Incense

Skelekin – Vanilla, Vanilla Butter Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream accord, Kobalt, Crystal, Crystalline, and a nice drop of Cardamom with a touch of aged Patchouli *added Patchouli leaf infused cardamom

Witch Doctor – Ginger, Gingerbread, Lemon, New Orleans Red Wine, Smoked Cinnamon, Opopanax, Tea leaves, and clove buds soaked in a barrel of cedarwood and Palo Santo chips

A Change of Heart – Copal Resin, Shiraz Wine accord, Kashmir Absolute, Indian Oudh, Leather accord, and burning embers

She could Raise the Dead – Vanilla infused Leather, White Zinfandel, charred Vanilla Beans, Black Musk, and Oakmoss

Hallowed Evening – Red Wine, Black Tea, White Sandalwood, Red Musk, and Hot Apple Cider and spices 

The Ghost Speaker – Balsam, Vetiver, Cedar, Amber, and Bastet’s Amber Absolute

PATCH - Vanilla, Smoke, Pumpkin Patch, Fig, Sandalwood, and Crimson Musk

Magical Perfume Potion Collection

Squid’s Ink – Black Rose Petals, Lemon Zest, Raspberry, Strawberry, White Sandalwood, Moonstone (Studio Limited) Absolute, Bulgarian Rose absolute

Ghostly Gasp – Light essences of Carnation and White Patchouli, Musk, Sandalwood extract, Vanilla essence

Moonsand – Light essences of Pear, Clementine, Heliotrope, Gardenia, Plumeria, and White Amber Absolute

Dragon’s Eye – Magnolia Blossom, Orchid, Rice Milk, Lotus Essence

Mummy’s Spirit – Green Matcha Tea, Violet, Egyptian Blue Chamomile Essential Oil, Egyptian Papyrus essential oil, Egyptian Musk, Egyptian Red Musk, and NA Limestone Amber *now with more Papyrus and Amber

Skeletonic – White Birch, Tonka Bean, Vetiver essence, Birchwood, Bastet’s Musk Absolute, Black Styrax


Spook Show – Caramel, Caramelized Pear, Cream Soda accord, Crimson Pear skin, Granny Smith Apple skin, Black Cherry Skin, Vanilla, Sugar, and Vanilla cream

Owl-oween – Caramel, Arabica Coffee Bean Oil, Pumpkin Pie accord (light spices of clove, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger), Crystalline and Haitian Black Vanilla

Halloween Dreams – Lavender Absolute, Organic Lavandin Flowers, French Lavender, Halloween Candy accord (sugars and caramel), Crimson Musk (Studio Limited), Halloween Bonfire Smoke accord (NA Studio), Ember wood smoke infused Lavender buds *added 2023 Lavender from Provence and Vanilla Candy Corn accord

Halloween Tiki Party

Tiki: Shipwreck Spice – Mortar pestle of Clove, Pine needles, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Green Cardamom, Patchouli leaves, Orange Zest, Apple Skin, Crystalline (vanilla from Studio Limited), Romanian Green Cognac essential oil, Crystalline, Vanilla Bean and Vanilla-infused Musk

Tiki: Castaway Coconut – Coconut Cream, aromatic Vanilla fleck (sifted), Bastet Amber, Bastet’s Ice Cream blend, White Sandalwood, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Musk

Tiki: Pineapple Punch – Sweet Pineapple, Orange zest, Vanilla, Brown Sugar accord, Sweet Coconut, Crystalline & Bourbon Vanille Absolute blend

Las Vegas Vampires

Teal VV– Blood Neroli accord, Kashmir Absolute, Santalum White, Bergamot, Orange Blossom, and Red Mandarin

Blue VV – Black Patchouli, White Amber, Benzoin, Kashmir Absolute, and sweet Musk

Purple VV – White Patchouli, eNVie saphir, Kashmir Absolute, Bastet Amber, Oak Moss, Sweet Wood, and dead roses

Red VV – Turkish Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Santalum Sandalwood Absolute, Tolu Balsam, and French Lavender

Halloween Inspired Collection Continued

Blood & Milkshakes – Kashmir Red Musk infused Blackberries, Soy Milk accord, Crystalline Absolute, Bastet’s Milkshake accord, and Bastet’s Ice Cream blend *added more Vanilla Beans

Count Coconut – Coconut Cream, Amber, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Benzoin, Vanilla, Crystalline, Sweet Creamy Eggnog spices, Coconut Husk, Coconut Water, and Raw Pumpkin *added Coconut Pulp

Count Pumpkin – White Chocolate, Hot Cocoa, Raw Pumpkin, Cacao Absolute, Creamy Cocoa Butter, Marshmallow, Vanilla Beans, Fig skin, and Shaved Chocolate

Dead Adventurers’ Club – Rum Cake, Buttery Toffee, White Amber, Pink Peppercorn, Almond essence, Caramel, and Pear skin

Explore No More – Amber, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Labdanum, Baked Apple Pie accord, Creamy Cinnamon, Lilac and White Patchouli

Haunted by the Past – Columbian Coffee Bean, Coffee Bean Absolute, Cacao, Saffron, Sweet creaky Oak wood floorboards, Bourbon Vanille, Myrrh and Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake accord, and some evil, haunted mansion dust *added Egyptian Coffee Bean extraction

Mourning Tea – Black Tea, Cold-pressed Italian Bergamot, White Musk, Sugarcane, Earl Grey Tea blend, Blueberry infused Cinnamon Cream, and Mourning Lily

Salty Old Doubloons – Salted Caramel, Salt accord, White Patchouli, White Sandalwood, Sweet Egyptian Musk, Maple and Condensed Milk

Tiki Zombie – Angel Food Cake, Vanilla Cream Puff Pastry, Marshmallow, White Cake, Madagascar Vanilla, South Australian Almond, Coconut essence, Butter and Vanilla Bean

Chris Raimo's HallowNeon Collection

Neon Bat – Pistachio and Vanilla Custard, Almond accord, Heliotrope, Honey candy accord, Black Patchouli, Bastet’s whipped Ice Cream accord, Crystalline Vanilla Absolute

Neon Mummy – Egyptian Turmeric, Vegan Milk accord, Clove/Cardamom/Ginger, Honey accord, Studio Limited Moonstone Absolute, a drop of aged Bergamot and Egyptian Myrrh Incense

Neon Skull – Cream Soda accord, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Black Cherry flesh, Indonesian Teak, Vanilla Custard, and Bavarian Crème

Neon Vampire – Black Kashmir Musk, Fresh Dirt accord, a tiny drop of mint, Ghost Musk accord, Hay accord, Petitgrain, Bastet’s Musk, and Bastet Amber Absolute

Neon Vampiress – Rose scented Buttercream accord, Vanilla Buttercream accord, Centifolia Rose Absolute, Saffron, Oudh essence, Studio Limited: Crimson and Kashmir Red Musks and Bulgarian Rose Absolute

Neon Ghost – Strawberry accord, Cheesecake accord, Vanilla Bean, Caramelized Marshmallow accord, Studio Limited Crystalline Vanilla absolute and Cardamom Crème accord

Neon Sea Creature – Golden Caramel accord, Vanilla essence, Caramel Popcorn accord, Studio Limited Crystalline Vanilla infused Caramel Custard

Neon Mumpkin – Raw Pumpkin (mummy) dust, Arabian Myrrh wood, Egyptian Frankincense, Horchata Smoothie accord (with cinnamon, rice milk, and sugar), Blackened Fig essence, Amber of rockwood/sandalwood/benzoin/labdanum/cedar/tonka bean and White Patchouli

Neon Reaper – White Sandalwood, Almond essence, Coconut Toffee, Chocolate covered Cacao Bean, Chocolate Cake accord with Butterscotch and Bastet’s Musk absolute

Neon Cat – Vanilla Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting, Coconut Crème, Coconut Pudding accord, Studio Limited Crystalline Vanilla absolute with raw pumpkin shaving

Neon Wolf – Vegan Leather accord, Studio Limited Santalum absolute, Vanilla Bean, Russian Pine with Vanilla laced Pine Needles and Canadian Red Pine


Only available exclusively during the launch of Chris Raimo's art book, Book of Halloween, and in very limited quantity.

Incense Pumpkin-  Pumpkin accord, pumpkin skin, black fig, nutmeg, clove, butter accord, NA Kashmir incense, frankincense, myrrh, amber, nag champa, and black amber. *added a drop of NA Red Sandalwood

Vanilla Pumpkin-  Pumpkin accord, pumpkin skin, black fig, nutmeg, clove, NA Crystalline, Bourbon vanilla, French vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, Ember vanilla, ember burning woods accord. *Added a touch more of both French & Tahitian Vanilla Bean

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