Monday, April 5, 2021

Thoth's Archive Volume III

 NEW Bunnies
Rainbow Bunny - Rainbow Sherbet blend of Lime, Pineapple, Orange, Raspberry, Bastet's Musk, Drop of Kashmir Musk Absolute and Eternal Ankh Vanilla Absolute
Golden Bunny - Golden Amber, Golden Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Golden Sandalwood, Amber Musk blend and Golden Cardamom
Noir Bunny - Hot Apple Pie accord (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Apple), Tobacco Accord, Pistachio accord, Vanilla Pudding accord, Black Vanilla Bean, Rosewood Oil, Crystalline Absolute and Black Cedar Wood

Returning Bunnies~

Woody Bunny: Cedar, Santalum, Teak, Limestone Amber, Smoked Vetiver, White Chocolate and a heavy dousing of Bastet's Ice Cream Vanilla Bean accord Absolute

Star Bunny
: Pink Grapefruit Peel & Essential Oil, White Grapefruit Peel & Essential Oil, Ruby Red Grapefruit Peel & Essential Oil, Bastet's Musk, White Santalum Absolute, White Amber, Gardenia Accord and Pink Sugar

Midnite Bunny:
Coffee cake & spices accord (White Cinnamon, dusting of nutmeg, buttery vanilla cake and coffee bean), vanilla bean essence, NA Patchouli Absolute, Labdanum, Bastet Amber Essence, Vetiver and a few drops of steam distilled Hungarian Green Cognac

Gray Bunny:
Cream Soda Accord, Coconut Milk, Pink Peppercorn, NA Bourbon Vanille Absolute, Sweetgrass, Heliotrope and Neroli

Speckle Bunny
: Tonka Absolute, Studio Limited Absolutes of Crimson and Kashmir (see Studio Limited Originals), Bastet Amber Absolute, Bastet's Musk, Almond extract

Pink Bunny – Japanese Lily of the Valley, French Muguet (Lotv), Crimson (red skin Musk) Absolute, African Vanilla, Musk Flower, Pink Pepper and Indian Vanilla Oleoresin

Blue Bunny – Essence of Raspberry, Peaches and Strawberry, Cotton Candy slushie accord, African Vanilla, French Vanilla and a drop of Vanilla-fleck Ice Cream accord (vegan NA accord)

Yellow Bunny
– Japanese White Lily, Cassis essence, Musk, Bastet Amber, Peach essence and Bastet Musk

Purple Bunny
– Tuberose, Gardenia accord, soft Jasmine accord, Orchid accord, Blueberry essence, NA Crimson soft Red Musk 

And the free sample with any Bunny orders:

Vanilla Bean Bunny:  Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Lemon Zest, Vanilla Cake accord with a drop of oudh icing, Madagascar Vanilla Absolute, Golden Caramel-Labdanum, Aged Benzoin resin, Bastet's Ice Cream and Crystalline Absolute.

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