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Summer 2018

Eternal Ankh Colors
Eternal Ankh Pink- White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, African White Vanilla Absolute, Amber Resin, Bastet’s Amber, Pink Sugar and a touch of Crimson Musk
" For all the various kinds of vanilla in this blend, what I get predominantly in both bottle and also on skin, is the Pink Sugar, and I honestly don't know how I feel about that. I want to like this so much! I love the beautiful pink bottle, I love the rest of the notes. But to my nose, this smells largely like a girly teenager perfume. Once it sits for an extended period of time, it *does* mellow out into something closer to cotton candy, which I am ALL about. So, I think there's enough promise that I'll at least hold onto it for a few months and see how it settles further. If nothing else, it could be good for layering with a more bitter blend to sweeten it up!" - Suki Valentine
 Kristen Leigh - On me, it's EA gone girly sweet. A dry vanilla pod in the desert sun nestled on some cotton candy (I think that's the pink sugar note). I don't get much crimson musk at all in the blend, I think it just brings a bit of warmth to everything.
Vicki Bobo Eastland - I’m the only weird person I have heard about thus far that actually amps the crimson a bit in this one! On me, it’s pink and sweet but with the tiniest edge of musky spice. I ADORE it. 
Eternal Ankh Blue - White Amber Absolute, Black Patchouli, Kulfi accord, Pistachio, Sandalwood, Egyptian Vanilla Fleck, Egyptian Vanilla Absolute, Amber Resin, Bastet's Black Amber, Saffron, Blue Sugar and a touch of Egyptian Musk and Cardamom
Kristen Leigh - My favorite iteration of EA, personally. I can pick up the pistachio, sugar, and cardamom... and I *think* the kulfi. It's syrupy with some chewy patchouli at the base of it all. I can't stop huffing my arm when I wear this.
Julie Johnson - Blue is a sweet, spiced musky delight. It reminds me of a more artisan and rich version of Aquolina’s Blue Sugar. The Cardamom and pistachio have a touch of anise to them to my nose. I love this scent. 
Katherine Karcher Clarke - I agree with Julie that this is a gorgeous sweet, spicy, and musky blend. This is my favorite cardamom blend to date, and probably my favorite color. The cardamom and pistachio work beautifully with the EA. This is sexy EA at a spice market in the desert.
"In the bottle, my immediate thought was "good LORD!" and yes, it's THAT good. While the cardamom was the note that made me need a bottle- and it doesn't disappoint, because cardamom definitely carries the day here- those other notes, especially the saffron playing with the sandalwood and the pistachio low-key stealing the show, take this scent from Really Good to Instant Classic, because there's nothing else like it. I can say frequently that other scents are similar to this or that, but while individual notes in here might seem familiar, they come together in a way wholly unique. I'm only sorry that I purchased only one bottle!" - Suki Valentine
Eternal Ankh Orange: White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, Black Patchouli Absolute, Black Vetiver Absolute, Nag Champa Accord, Plumeria Rubra, Magnolia Champaka and Gold Sandalwood
Janel Kisner - This is the perfect patchouli and EA blend! It starts patch strong, with a touch of nag champa and the vanillas take a back seat. As it dries down, the EA comes through and married beautifully with the other scents. I do not pick up sandalwood or plumeria.
Elizabeth Stierle - Heavy patchouli wet, but it tames itself after A few. The nag champa is there but barely. All in all well blended and beautiful.thankfully the florals are just there to marry things a little better, not obvious . Florals and I don't get along.
Stephanie Eidam - I agree with the above reviews. Lots of patch at first, but then it all settles together and makes such a beautiful blend. I tend to be scared of patch (the Bats and Sister of the Moon smelled like funky chocolate on me). I’m not picking up on the florals yet, but the Nag Champa is just present enough to round out the patch, and just a touch of smokiness from vetiver. EA Orange is such a lovely scent and totally justified of a leap of faith!  
Eternal Ankh Cobalt: White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, Almond Sweet, Pistachio accord, French Vanilla, a touch of Black Tea, Amber Sweet, Blue Sugar and Organic Bourbon Vanilla Bean

Kim Heartfilia - First of all, the bottle is beautiful. I don't have anything in my collection that looks like this! SO glad I snagged it.There is a lot of pistachio at first, but that fades away pretty quick. This is like EA Blue's sweeter, more playful younger sibling! This is a perfect balance between the deeper nutty notes and the fluffy vanilla. This smells like a very fancy dessert, but not like cake... maybe like a mousse? Vanilla/sweet almond mousse? I literally just got this from the mailman 10 mins ago so I will update this comment later with more thoughts lol.

Hannah Gregg - Completely agree with everything said by Kim. This one is so good. The pistachio is strong which I LOVE! It’s basically what I kept wishing and hoping that blue would be on me. Fancy dessert is the best description. It is a very luxurious scent. It does need some rest and I will update when it’s had time.

Claire Rosean - Caveat: this hasn't rested yet, so this is just a first impression. Cobalt opens with a blast of pistachio, but it fades fairly quickly into a warmer, slightly more gourmand version of EA. At dry down, I can't really pick out the individual notes.
Casey Lee - I ❤️ Cobalt and wish I had of chosen a second bottle of Cobalt rather than pink. Initially it opens with pistachio and smells gourmand but the dry down is soft, sweet and almost marshmallowy vanilla with a very light hint of the well known EA in the background. This is everything I wanted EA Blue to be and it just wasn’t.
Mariclare Cole - *huffs wrist* Oh my god. *huffs wrist* Oh my god. *huffs wrist* Oh my god. Repeat for eternity.
"In the bottle the almond comes on so intensely that it reads like black cherry. Tasty, but not what I was expecting. As it warms on the skin and settle in, though, it begins to shift, the almond takes two steps back, pistachio comes forward neck and neck with the sweet-but-astringent black tea with blue sugar taking up a supporting role. The NAVA sugar notes do weird things on my skin, and this appears to be no exception. However, just like with Pink, there's enough going on here that I really like that I'm going to hold on to it because I think it'll be worth keeping around." - Suki Valentine

Eternal Ankh Yellow: White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, Organic Egyptian Neroli Absolute, Organic Moroccan Neroli EO, Italian Red Mandarin peel, Bergamot, Orange Blossom and Crystalline Absolute
Claire Rosean - I really like this one! It definitely needs time to rest, but I get strong bitter orange blossom that fades fairly quickly into a citrus-tinged EA.
Kristen Leigh - Oooo this one is good. It’s up there with Pink as the strongest EA base, but the citrus notes definitely give it something extra. I get much more mandarin and citrus on dry down than when it’s wet. Still needs time to settle, but I think this one is gonna be a sleeper hit.
 Hannah Gregg - This is such a beautiful and happy scent! Citrus-tinged EA describes it very well. I have a feeling this will be the next color to sell out.
 Jennifer Katsch - I agree with Hanna that this is a bright happy scent. That was my first thought when I first sniffed it. It's a 'yellow' perfume that suits it's yellow bottle perfectly. Now that it's rested I'm giving it a full test this morning. Initially it has a citric with light floral quality to it, and as it dries down I get more of the 'blossom' aspect. I definitely sense EA rounding out the base and giving a platform to the other notes. It warms and sweetens over time as the EA becomes more visible. Overall, I feel like I'm standing in a blooming citrus orchard on a warm, bright sunny afternoon. It's a gorgeous happy perfume.
Eternal Ankh Purple: White Amber Absolute, Powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian Vanilla Husk, Vanilla fleck, Sambac Jasmine, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Indian Jasmine Grandiflorum, Egyptian Musk, Bastet's Amber Absolute, Crystalline Absolute and Organic Pink Peppercorn
Jennifer Katsch - EA Purple is a beautifully balanced jasmine perfume. Jasmine is most definitely a key player in this blend, however the other notes blend with it so smoothly that I don't feel like EA Purple is quite as focused on the jasmine as some of my other NA jasmine perfumes such as Ghost Velvet and Black Velvet. It's definitely there it's just a bit lighter. IMO I wouldn't really call this a true deep purple color. As a fan of all things purple including perfume It feels lighter to me. It's hard to choose a lighter purple color name that suits as most of the names of the other shades of purple are other flower or fruit names. So in this case I'd say light purple or maybe mauve? LOL I realize that this really is just semantics so my point is that EA Purple smells/feels lighter than it sounds. Of course this is all subjective and this may be straight up purple to someone else. Either way I really think EA is a perfect companion to jasmine. They both have a soft sweetness that helps them mingle seamlessly from one into the other and back again. The other supporting notes also help reign in the jasmine. Jasmine is one of those notes that NA has taught me to love and EA Purple is no exception. I'm very happy I decided to get all of the EA colors because they are all very different from each other. So if Jasmine is your thing then you'll definitely want to grab a bottle of EA Purple. 💜
Barbara E. Florio Burke - More morning bottle sniffing - order received yesterday. Wow, this is really nice. The EA is still super present and the jasmine appears to be light and friendly. This does kind of remind me of Ghost Velvet, but the jasmine seems less bitter here? Softer/smoother. Not sure if that's really the way to describe it. Jasmine is always like a creamy floral with this tinge of something on me. That tinge I can only think to describe as kind of bitter but I don't mean it in a bad way. Can't think of a better word for it. The more I smell this, the more the jasmine comes out and the EA appears to take a back seat. I didn't get the Cherry Blossom or Wisteria Petal BIC scents from spring so can't compare those. If you are a jasmine and EA lover, I don't think you'll be disappointed with this blend though. 
Maiasaura: Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, White Amber absolute, Amaranthus, Pink Peppercorn, Honeysuckle nectar and Tuberose extract
Elizabeth Ruth Lowry - Maiasaura is a nectar-sweet white floral (you can tell it's honeysuckle or tuberose rather than jasmine) with a soft/rich limestone amber base. On my skin, the floral note quickly becomes recognizable as honeysuckle. A sweet, fresh, amazingly realistic honeysuckle - there's a good twenty-thirty minute chunk of the early wear time where this literally smells the way honeysuckle nectar tastes, and even though that hyper-realism starts to fade a little as the amber comes forward over time, the overall scent remains a glorious sweet honeysuckle-amber. This has officially replaced Honeysuckle Crystalline as my favorite honeysuckle scent.
Albertosaurus: Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Pomegranate seed, Myrrh, Musk Spice, Studio Limited Kashmir, Bastet's Amber, Orris, Papyrus and Black Honey essence and a stick of cinnamon to stir the caramelized Bastet's Ice Cream accord and sifted out
Elizabeth Ruth Lowry - Black honey and kashmir, thick and heavy-sweet, with the pomegranate giving it a fruitiness that's almost apple-like. Very much a fall scent. It smells like something I'd wear on Rosh Hashanah.
Stephanie Eidam - Somehow this one goes very plummy on me, which is way better than the Robstussin cherry that pomegranate tend to go for me. On the down side, that’s all I’m getting. 
Dorygnathus: Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Linen accord, Romanian Elderflower, Calamus, Vanilla Bean and Crimson Musk
Juliette Nathalie - This is a gentle dinosaur with hints of crisp linen first. but a beautiful linen at that and a very soft vanilla amber, it is sweet almost dew-like. I think this dinosaur loves to walk under the forest floor and bathe in the morning sun maybe eating from the elderflowers. Crimson is not strong but it is there holding up the notes gently. It is softer than the PC black linen and quite unique and lovely. As it wears, the vanilla comes forward a little more, I can see hatching this with crystalline in the fall and definitely santalum. I might hatch this with black musk in the fall for a deeper darker scent. I love this. I feel like this might be something one of the ladies in Jurassic Park would wear.
 Coelophysis: Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Lemon/Lime Zest, Coconut Milk, Stephanotis, Gold Sandalwood, Gold Patchouli and Cardamon EO
Kristen Leigh - Ok this is an initial impression and I'll put another comment in when they've rested, but this is a citrus dinosaur dream. I get 0 patch and a smidge of cardamom, but this is basically a bright citrus grounded by amber. I think it'd go great with Lemon Sugar or Coconut Milk from the Tea Service.
Jennifer Katsch - I wore Coelophysis yesterday solo after a couple of days of resting. First, I will say that it is different from Parasaurolphus. The only common factors are the citrus and coconut notes, but even there they are different types (coconut essence & lime absolute in Para and coconut milk & lemon lime zest in Coelophysis). In Para I get more of a Lime and coconut centric perfume. Coelophysis however is a lot more complex. Initially while wet and immediately after application it's a burst of citrus. Unlike lime, lemon is a note that burns off fast on my skin so after a few minutes after application I get more of the other notes and the patchouli does pop out to say hi. It's not a strong or sharp patchouli. It's a hint of smooth and bright patchouli. Coelophysis is quite well blended so no one note dominates. This is one of those perfumes that morphs over time to show different facets of the overall composition. I didn't want to put on a different perfume later in the day because I kept getting whiffs that kept pulling me in. I'm not sure what Stephanotis smells like on it's own, but there is a note that pulses throughout wear time that I don't think I have I in my collection. This makes it very unique and a great addition to my Dino collection as well as my collection as a whole. So if you're wondering if Coelophysis is different enough from Para to justify a bottle, it totally is, and I love it. 
Mandy Mahaffey - I do not have Para, but Coelophysis is complex and rich. I actually hatched it with Crystalline and Sugarcube today because it was a little too heavy even alone in the 100+ heat (surprisingly, since I'm usually down with the heavy fragrances... mostly when it's cooler though :)). 
Elizabeth Ruth Lowry - Coelophysis is a lemon-lover's dream. Strong lemon candy paired with a light, candy-like amber and a hint of something almost like almond/marzipan. You've heard of A Fistful of Dollars? This is a A Wristful of Lemon Drops. My skin chemistry usually turns lemon notes into cleaning products, but not here. I get no coconut or patch, and don't detect much of the dino base at all in this one, only sweet candied lemon that miraculously never starts to smell like Lemon Pledge. It's not remotely like Parasaurolphus's slightly-earthy/slightly-water-y coconut-amber-lime, either. 
Edmontosaurus: Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Apple Skin, Vanilla Bean, Vegan Honeycomb light accord, Gold Sandalwood and Vegan Leather accord
Stephanie Eidam - I amp leather, so I was apprehensive about this one. Woh, so much leather! This is sueded leather and amber on the dry down, soft and worn in. Wet it is a punch of leather. Then it settles to a light scent of dry apple, sandalwood/amber and hint of light honey/suede. Aaaand then finishes up as suede amber. If you amp leather, this might be your experience.
Dimetrodon: Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, UNRELEASED Studio Limited Cinder Vanilla (fire smoked caramelized vanilla), Smoked Oudh, Egyptian Lilac, Cypress and creamy wood undertones
Tania Gale - This is fabulous. Honestly when I first put it on this AM, I was kind of hating it. It was strong and almost "perfume-y," maybe part of that is the Lilac? I was disliking it in the same way I kind of dislike Gigantosaurus...I'm not sure what notes that is though. Hours later, this afternoon I keep getting delicious, intoxicating wiffs of warm, oudh that make me want to roll in this dino. The strong yucky flavor has faded, and the warm, smokey vanilla amber oudh is coming through... wow. Also, I don't get the limestone amber base really in Dimetrodon like I do in so many of the other dinos.
Elizabeth Ruth Lowry - YES. In the bottle, Dimetrodon is an incredible smoke scent, sweetish but not in an overtly foodie way. Then I apply it and magic happens - the lilac blooms on my skin and becomes dominant, while the smoke lightens into a faint haze that's almost sheer. And it's a really good lilac, too, one that doesn't even go through the "funky white floral/why does indole hate me" phase most heady indolic florals go through on me during the first fifteen minutes or so; instead I get a gradual transition from delicious smoke to beautiful lilac over the first ten-fifteen minutes of wear, and then lovely pale-purple lilac for hours. This is not remotely what comes to mind when I think of Permian proto-mammals, but I like it a lot. 
Stephanie Eidam - Smokey and ever so slightly oud like. For me this is is evocative of campfires with a few charred vanilla bean pods tossed in for good measure. Any floral is rather lost on me, but the Dino amber makes an appearance after dry down. This is such a comforting and layerable scent! 
Amargasaurus: Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Gold Sandalwood, Egyptian Myrrh, Egyptian Frankincense, Rosewood Absolute, Incense, a drop of Anise EO and Lime EO

Kristen Leigh - In the bottle: resins (mostly sandalwood and myrrh) and a wee bit of spice (anise is that you?) On the skin: Mostly the same, but there's a tinge of powderiness that I can pin down as frankincense bc it does this to me sometimes. The sandalwood is really warm and fuzzy here. Can't find the lime. I layered it with Santalum today for an ultimate warm fuzzy sandalwood bonanza and it smells great. Definitely a winning dino.
Iguanodon: Resinous Amber Accord, Limestone Amber, Siam Balsam, Egyptian White Jasmine, Sandalwood, White Sandalwood Absolute, Australian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedar, Black Amber and a drop of Ylang Ylang Absolute

Kristen Leigh - This was the dinosaur I liked the least out of the mail, but after a week of rest this baby has transformed! This jasmine feels similar to the jasmine in Asylum (and maybe EA purple??), and plays very well with the resins. I can't parse out the rest of the notes, which I'm super excited about because I was nervous about ylang ylang, cedar, and frankincense in this. In short: resinous, yet sweet and slinky jasmine. This Iguanodon feels like its wearing garters haha
Summer Teas
Jasmine Mandarin (Summer Tea): Green Tea, Sambac Jasmine EO, Yellow Mandarin absolute, Cinnamon/Ginger/Cardamom/Black Pepper spice, Labdanum, Somalian Wild Opopanax, Neroli and Vanilla
Sun Brewed Lemon (Summer Tea): Bergamot EO, Earl Grey Tea, Lemon, Cardamom, Lemon essence and Lemon Sugar
Barbara E. Florio Burke - Some initial thoughts smelling the bottle - This is a gorgeous bright yet warm tea scent. It reminds me a lot of Luxor Lemon which I never got around to buying a full bottle of. I feel like this scent might even have a little more depth to it than Luxor Lemon did possibly due to the Cardamom. The cardamom is there but subtle. Can't wait to skin test.
Vanilla Iced (Summer Tea): Pekoe Tea, Black Tea, Vanilla Essence, Vanilla Fleck, Vanilla Milk accord with touches of accords of whipped butter, caramel and brown sugar
"In the bottle and on my skin, this is a classic bright black, slightly lemony tea, which is what I was hoping for! Tea scents are perfect for late summer when the air is especially heavy and dense, as it brings a needed lightness. I'm not getting the vanilla aspect but I personally don't mind, because the Tea Service varieties I ordered will fill in such gaps nicely. " - Suki Valentine 
Fig Santalum White (Summer Tea): Aged Black Fig, Studio Limited Santalum White Absolute, White Tea, Tunisian Sandalwood, Clove, Nutmeg and Green Fig accord
Tea Service
Fig Vanille Sugar (Tea Service): bright French Fig essence, Egyptian Sugar accord, Vanilla bean blend, Heliotrope and Lily
Hannah Gregg - What I get is mostly a single fig note, it is really gorgeous and I can see it layering with so many other scents beautifully. I also got Fig Creme and am having a hard time in deciding if I should keep them both. Fig Creme is slightly warmer and more complex so I think I will tuck that one away until Fall. They are both gorgeous and if you are trying to decide between the two I honestly can’t say which one I would go with.
Apricot Sugar (Tea Service): Apricot stone essence, Apricot Skin, Egyptian Sugar accord, Papaya skin and Vanilla fleck
Hannah Gregg - It’s seriously GORGEOUS! I just slathered some more on for ya. Reminiscent of pink vanille to me but rather a build your own. I could see it going well with crystalline, moonstone, kobalt.
Mandy Mahaffey - I have Apricot sugar and love it! I layered it with Sweet Santalum Milk today, and I got lots of compliments at Kohls, LoL 
Ashley Sullivan - Apricot Sugar is gorgeous and the perfect scent to layer with everything. I find it very feminine and sweet without being candy-like.
Barbara E. Florio Burke - Continuing to preview my scents. It's been several hours since these have arrived by now. A lovely mix of sugar, apricot and papaya with just a hint of vanilla. Perfect for layering. I'll have to try and do a side by side with Pink Vanille and see what I think. 
Summer Ice Creams
Waffle Cone Vanille Creme: Vanilla waffle cone accord with Tahitian Vanilla bean whole infused Vanilla Crystalline Cream accord, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Egyptian Sugar
"In the bottle, the vanilla cream is SO rich that it almost reads more like a cream cheese frosting than ice cream. Which is perfectly fine with me! As it warms and then dries on my skin, it settles down and more of the waffle cone itself is revealed. This scent is sweet, a bit rich and a little sugary. Perfect for the dog days of summer and I anticipate layering with, say, Santalum or another sandalwood-heavy scent to keep the good times rolling well into autumn " - Suki Valentine

Butter Toffee Creme: Buttery Vanilla, Melted Caramel Toffee, Sugar, touches of maple and butterscotch accords, touch of Almond infused Vanilla Crystalline Cream accord, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Egyptian Sugar
French Vanilla Café Creme: French Vanilla Absolute, Italian Espresso Coffee Bean CO2, NA Coffee Bean Accord, Cream accord infused Vanilla Crystalline Cream accord, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Egyptian Sugar
Summer Fig Creme: Black Fig, French Fig, Genova Fig infused Vanilla Crystalline Cream accord, Butter accord, Caramel Accord, French Vanilla Bean Absolute, Vanilla Milk accord, Vanilla Orchid, Crystalline Absolute and Egyptian Sugar

Kim Heartfilia - MY PACKAGE IS HERE SO LETS DO THIS. You guys, this is so stunning. I've not smelled much fig before, so I think I was expecting a raisin smell, but that's not what this is at all. It's sweet, and it smells fruity. but it's not tart or overwhelming, it's very warm and cozy. I am tempted to say that there is a slight spice of some kind in here, even though I know there isn't. This is a total comfort scent to me.
Pastel Pops
Grape Soda Elephant: Grape accord with peach, raspberry and pineapple, Vanilla bean, Aged Studio Limited Kashmir, Aged Amber resin accord and Vanilla cream
Orange Soda Froggy: Brazilian Orange zest, South African Orange oil, Lemon Zest, Japanese Grapefruit essence, Vanilla, Studio Limited Santalum and a drop of White Frankincense resin
Strawberry Soda Snail: Strawberry accord, Raspberry and Peach accord, Skin Musk, Studio Limited Tahitian Vanilla Absolute, Vanilla Bean and Aged Studio Vanilla bean resin
Cream Soda Crane: Caramelized Sugar, Caramelized Vanilla, Caramel essence, Vanilla Bean Fleck, drop of Oudh, Ugandan Vanilla Bean whole, Studio Sandalwood resin and Crystalline Absolute
Pink Lemonade Tropical Fish: Sweet Lemon EO, Egyptian Sugar accord, Bastet Amber Absolute, Studio Limited Crimson and a drop of Pink Frankincense resin
Barbara E. Florio Burke - Continuing to preview my scents. It's been several hours since these have arrived by now. This is soft. It's not the bright sweet lemon that is Tea Service Lemon Sugar. And there is definitely a pink component to the scent. It's tart too, just like lemonade. Pretty accurate to how I would expect this to smell.
Cola Turtle: Cola accord, Cinnamon stick (aged Cinnamon sticks, then sifted out), Lemon zest, Caramel, Aged Studio Limited Santalum White and a drop of five year old Amber resin accord
Thyra Leslie - Tried this last night. In the bottle smells like generic cola. When I first put it on, I got the cinnamon, not a spicy kind, but a warm kind. Then the lemon popped out and it went back and forth a bit between the two. It settled eventually into a caramel scent. Not really sweet or foody though. I thought this would play well with dinos, so I dabbed on some Stegosaurus and it was delicious! A vanilla caramel kind of scent, but again not super foody.  ETA: I just realized I can still smell this a bit 10 hours later!
Cherry Cola Chameleon: Cherry Essence, Cola Accord, Lemon zest, Caramel, Oman & Somalian Frankincense resin
Root Beer Rabbit: Root Beer accord, Vanilla-sugar, Spearmint extract, Myrrh Resin and aged Crystalline
*** Archivist's Note: I'm going ahead and publishing both Summer 2018 collections, but I still need to transcribe the reviews from the master post in the NA Facebook fan group, the Tent. As it's taking me a few days to do this, I didn't want to further delay posting. 

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