Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Valentine 2017 RESURGENCE

PASTELS Collection:

Coconut Cockatoo: is filled with Coconut Husk, Coconut Milk, Coconut Sugar all bound together in the harmony of Crystalline vanilla

Honey Hummingbird: is filled with Rich Honey infused into English Honeysuckle and aged SL Crystalline and White Musk.

Buttercream Butterfly is filled with Buttercream Frosting Accord but softened by the essence of Crystalline and Kobalt vanillas and a touch of soft Egyptian and skin Musk

Amber Beetle: is filled with Amber Resin, Rock Rose, sweet Sandalwood, sweet Patchouli, Vanilla-Myrrh and all blended into a vat of deep luxurious Crystalline and a drop of Egyptian Musk.  This is the 2018 version with more amber and vanilla accords added to the blend!

Peach Peacock is filled with with natural Peach skin essence but softened by the beauty of Crystalline, Egyptian Red Musk (Crimson), Sandalwood and a touch of Nag Champa Incense. New version for 2018.  We use real peach essence in season at the time of blend and not every Peach crop will be the same but the perfume is very very similar to the original.

Lavender Dolphin: is filled with the dreams of Lavender but softened by the essence of Crystalline and White Sandalwood and Snow Musk

Dragonfruit Dragonfly: is filled with Dragon Blood Incense Resin but softened by the essence of Crystalline and Kobalt vanillas, Dragonfruit essence and Egyptian Musk

Plum Rum Parrot: is filled with Plum Leaf, Plum Absolute from the seed and skin of a deep red plum, Plum Blossom, Caribbean Dark Rum accord and Bergamot all drunk (infused) with Crystalline Vanilla.
Margo on Feb 17, 2018
Bright sweet almost figgy plum at the beginning. The plum blossom floral is next which is very lovely but not a typical "white" floral. I get spiciness almost like a spiced rum. The vanilla is not overwhelming which I always fear. It mixes with bergamot to give a nice base and longevity. Short review: gorgeous spicy plum bath bomb.
Vanilla Bee: is filled with delicious things.  A simple perfume, masterfully blended with aged Crystalline Syrup, Black and Gold Honey accords, a touch of SL Crimson and just one drop of clove for a nuance of spice undertone.

Nag Champa Seahorse: is filled with little horses?  No, it's filled with decadent incense smoke that runs around inside the bottle.  We love incense including the very beautiful yet authentic Nag Champa incense. To create this we needed only the best essential oils and absolutes of patchouli, sandalwood and dragon's blood swirled into Crystalline vanilla, the scent is simple yet decadent, evocative and yet brings content to each inhale.

Pink Grapefruit Flamingo: is filled with vibrance.  Essential Oil from the zest of Pink Grapefruit and Caribbean Grapefruit, a touch of white honey, a little pink sugar, a tiny drop of white patchouli all infused into Crystalline Vanilla.

The EGYPTOLOGIST Collection:

Champollion Perfume: French Sage, French Lavender, Amber, French Vanilla and Frankincense (not French, but Egyptian).

Carnarvon Perfume: Earl Grey Tea, Egyptian Black Tea, English Bergamot Essential Oil, Rose Hips, Dried Lily and Gingered Vanilla Crystal.

Belzoni Perfume: Alexandrian Sand Note, White Amber, Amber Patchouli, White Pepper, White Cardamom, Black Patchouli and SL Crystal.

1922 Perfume: Pure Sandalwood, Incense Accord, Myrrh, Frankincense, Kobalt Vanilla Essence and a drop of NAVA Oudh.

Carter Perfume: White Frankincense, Gold Amber, Black Tea, Gold Myrrh, White Amber and Tibetan Crystalline.

Petrie Perfume: Gold Amber Resin, Sand Accord, Lime, Santalum White, Green Pepper, Nag Champa Incense and Black Vanilla.
Niki on Mar 07, 2018
Nag champa, summer edition! Oh, NA. I love you so. There's a nag champa for every season, which gives me even more reason to wear incense perfume (as if I needed a reason!). I find Petrie to be a lovely, cool, serene nag champa, and the lime and green pepper are nothing to be afraid of here - it adds a beautiful twist to the nag champa that make it perfect for warmer months, and I have discovered i just adore when NA uses pepper in their perfumes! It's so exquisite. Not to be missed, a lovely take on nag champa.

Margo on Feb 18, 2018
Head shoppy goodness. Lime up top. Don't be scared of the green pepper. Gah! Can't sniff this enough. This is what the world should smell like.

There are more perfumes in the works from the Pastel and Egyptologist Collections coming in 2018

LOVE OF BASTET Collection:

White Sandalwood Vanille White Sandalwood, White Rosewood, Bergamot, Orange & Lemon Rind, Vanilla Bean raw, Crystalline absolute and White Ginger stirred and sifted for this perfume.

Pink Vanille Pink Orchard Peach, Apricot Petals and Pink Apricot Nectar of Benhama, Kashmir. A drop of Pink Crystalline, Pink Crystal Vanilla, Pink Egyptian Musk, a kiss of Pink Sugar and Pink Peppercorn.
Mandra on Mar 09, 2018
This one is strong on pink sugar in the bottle. On the skin the yellow fruit gives it a completely happy summery vibe! it is still quite sweet, but not overpowering. The fruit notes are way more dominant. This is a really beautiful scent!! And stays on the skin for several hours. 

Blue Vanille Crimson Egyptian Musk, Blue Cardamom of Nepal, Blue Sugar, Blue Crystalline, a drop of Blue Chamomile (kamilla) from Hungaria, Kobalt Vanilla and a touch of caramelized French Vanilla

Cocoa Vanille Romanian Cocoa, Georgian Cacao, a blend of 5 Vanilla Beans from Egypt, Apricot seed and French Cocoa Absolute. *natural occurring Cocoa Absolute flecks will appear in your perfume and will become more beautiful with aging (just like natural vanilla flecks).

New Love of Bastet perfumes in the Valentine Limited Collection!

Kalabrias Indian White Nag Champa Incense NAVA Accord, Romanian Sweet Red Wine, Kashmir Musk, Hungarian Cedar and Patchouli, Santalum Absolute and California Redwood
Niki on Mar 07, 2018
This is nag champa made sexy. I love the use of Kashmir (red musk) and wine notes here, it's such an unexpected combination. That's one of the things I love the most about NA, the unexpected notes that turn out to be absolutely brilliant, and that is exactly what has happened with Kalabrias. This is a sweet, heady, and somehow cozy nag champa, beautifully smooth incense with lovely sweet wine and a little sexy red musk.

My Valentine: Sandalwood & Cinnamon Sri Lankan Cinnamon Bark, Studio Limited Santalum Absolute, Tahitian Sandalwood and Sandalwood infused Egyptian Musk flower petals with a drop of Egyptian Musk underneath and a kiss of Bastet Amber Absolute.

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